Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rentseeking in everything 

The Night Writer has tales from Vegas packed in his bags as he wings homeward, including this doozie.
You don't have to scratch the glittery surface much to see the underlying machinery. While I was there the local taxi drivers were forming their cabs into slow-moving, light-flashing, horn-honking parades up and down Las Vegas Boulevard to protest proposed legislation that would prevent strip clubs from kicking back to the drivers the cover charges of people the taxis delivered to the clubs' doors. According to my cabbie, the proposed law is being pushed by the hotel and casino lobby (which is prohibited by law from having its own strip clubs) which would rather have visitors throwing money at its slot machines than at strippers' g-strings.

A local TV station covered the slowdown, and lo and behold, the cabdrivers have defeated the hotel and casino lobby.

Hope the Night Writer got home safe and sound, because his daughters need him.