Friday, June 17, 2005

I love walking with the LS 

The doctor has ordered me to get more exercise and get the cholesterol under control, so part of this has been walking. My companion these days is Littlest Scholar. People who meet LS think she's very quiet, but actually she's just very shy. Around people she knows, she's outspoken. An example came last night as we discussed whether she (a 'tween' in the modern parlance) could go see Batman Begins. I usually will ask Chumley from Plastic Hallway for recommendations, since he reviews movies and has a morality standard for kids about the same as mine. I had already, and here's where the conversation picks up.

LS: So did you ask that guy about Batman?
Dad: Yes I did. He said it has a gross scene with maggots.
LS: That's OK, though, isn't it?
Dad: Well, I'm not really sure.
LS: C'mon, Dad!
Dad: I'll think about it.
LS: This guy gets to see movies before everyone else?
Dad: Yes, he's a reviewer. He sees the movies and writes the reviews we read in the newspapers or online, or hear on TV and radio.
LS: There are jobs like this?
Dad: Yes
LS: For money?
Dad: Yes. You have to learn how to write and watch movies though. You go to college.
LS: You go to college to learn how to watch movies?
Dad: Maybe, or you go to learn how to write. English, or journalism.
LS: (pause) You're kidding, right?

Her current career goal is to be a police officer, or an FBI agent.

The other gentlemen at NARN will handle chores this weekend and the show will be good with state Rep. Phil Krinkie to talk about his run for the Sixth CD's Republican nomination, and Doctor Zin of Regime Change Iran to discuss the elections underway there. I'll be at the Spass Tag parade with my church's float. See you Monday.