Saturday, May 21, 2005

Thanks everybody! 

First big thanks goes to Granite City for working with us to make a great evening. It's a fabulous facility and I love the beer they have. Our waitress was Annie, a delightful example of Minnesota youth: polite, pleasant, earnest and kept about twenty tabs going flawlessly. I will drop a note tomorrow to the general manager with our thanks.

Shiner the laptop made the rounds and we had live blogs from the event by Shot in the Dark and
Eckernet, as well as the posts immediately below. We couldn't get someone to start a new blog but we are working on getting Mrs. Scholar to blog with a group. Details forthcoming if she decides to take the plunge.

Third, special thanks to the Night Writer family for entertaining Mrs. and Littlest. The families hit it off marvelously and we will hope to visit with them again.

Last, to all who attended, thanks for a memorable night! We particularly appreciated visits from readers of mine, from those who traveled with nonblogging spouses (hi Mrs. Paul's!), and from one of my readers who hooked up with his high school friend. We have let St. Cloud know what blogging is, and they've seen the fine people who do it. Littlest is just turning in now, and so will I after linking all the names on the previous post. G'night!