Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A star shone over St. Cloud 

Be sure you're on board for the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers Road Show, coming up this Saturday, May 21 at Granite City Food and Brewery in St. Cloud. Travel directions available from that link, and here's your Mapquest. I have fairly firm commitments from Mitch and Saint Paul (Elder is about 50-50), my neighboring friends like Cathy, Shawn not Sean, and Psycmeister. Several others are driving up from the Cities -- we're hoping for a two-wheeled appearance by Swiftee, owner of the original Fiskwanator. Feel free to use the comment boxes to coordinate travel if you want to share a ride, though I bet Swiftee rides alone.

Festivities should start around 5:30. We'll have the patio if the weather actually acts like it should.

Remember, this is an official MOB event, and attendance at one is required for permanent membership. You won't want to miss this opportunity. Please RSVP in comments or to comments-AT-scsuscholars-daht-com so I can warn GCFB how many heathens will descend.