Friday, May 27, 2005

So where did that day go? 

One problem of teaching the intro class is that somewhere on Friday (which is the off day) you hit a wall. I just didn't have much energy most of the day, and that I did have went to the next QBR. Then went and saw Littlest run her first duathlon, and by the gods she was first female! Fourth overall. Exciting evening ended with our first try at MLB 2005.

I made the decision to try to record some Coleman so I could hear what all the Cities MOBsters hear. Dial 1-800-DREADFUL. What I got out of it was that he lost his mind in a port-a-potty while wearing a safari vest. Or something like that. And Lambert? Regrettably, writing is his comparative advantage.

NARN's back at the White Bear Lake Superstore tomorrow. Frivolities begin at noon, and I'll step up at 1; Kathy Kersten, who I'm happy to call both a good acquaintance and a columnist again, will be on during the 1pm hour.