Monday, May 02, 2005

Sid free 

Learned Foot thinks he has a teachable moment for me, that as a nonresident of Hennepin County he likes the proposal for the Twins stadium. Phil Miller is noting long-time stadium shill/sports columnist Sid Hartman's campaign. Here's one piece that drives me around the bend, from Hartman.
not only will the baseball problem be solved if the plan is adopted, but the opportunity to build the stadium will provide millions of dollars in the purchase of building materials, and it will provide a lot of jobs for three or four years for a lot of construction workers who are now out of work.
Someone should point out to him, however, that construction employment was up 1.4% in 2004. Phil notes today as well that Sid argues the park would really help downtown development, but the Target Center has not helped stop the exodus of businesses from downtown Minneapolis.

And don't miss this, from John LaPlante. IIRC, it was the StarTribune that held land where the MetroDome now sits.

UPDATE: Phil adds one more, and this is just hysterical. Sez Sid:
And, maybe most important, people confined to their homes and those in nursing homes will be assured that they will be able to continue to have a team to follow on radio and television.
That is, between bites of dog food, right?