Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Phishing the census 

The US Census announced that they were stopping an email scam that sought to get people to provide their bankcard numbers and PIN to get a $5 cash reward to answer questions from the census. I received an email with a copy of the phishing expedition.
The U.S. Census Bureau in association with participating banks will instantly credit $5 to your account - Just for taking part in our quick & easy 5 question survey!

Why do we care?
Iraq has endured decades of collapsing hopes and accumulating tragedy. It is numbing to consider the waste of so much human and resource potential. Saddam's ambitions conflicted with the region and the international community. True to his name, he too often chose confrontation over cooperation. Ultimately these decisions led to total collapse.

In March 2003 the United States along with an international collation struck the final blow on Saddam's tyranny with Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Two years later questions about weather or not America should have been involved in Iraq in the first place have echoed through the political and media scene all over the world.

Giving answers to these questions the U.S. Census Bureau with help from participating Equal Housing Lender partner banks has decided to contribute in setting up the means to reward participates for taking part in such a survey.

Now we can really find out America really thinks.
That seems a really cynical scam. But the misspellings are almost always a giveaway.

(H/T: MEE)