Thursday, May 05, 2005

Other MnSCU schools lacking intellectual diversity 

Randy Wanke of the Center for the American Experiment is asking hard questions in yesterday's Mankato Free Press.

...what, if anything, is being done to advance intellectual diversity at MSU?

I am not raising this question now to simply play the role of the conservative antagonist taking on the liberal establishment on campus. I bring it up because I truly believe that intellectual diversity is vital to providing a quality education to MSU students and necessary for preserving the long-term well-being and intellectual health of the university.

In looking at two conferences that we've discussed here, Wanke wonders,
...why wasn't former Democrat Congressman Tim Penny, who has been a great advocate for MSU over the years and was a member of the President's Commission on Social Security, asked to come make a case for Social Security reform? Or, in the discussion about "the consequences of the war," why wasn't a speaker invited to discuss how the people of Iraq benefited from the successful free elections and the toppling of a tyrant like Saddam Hussein?

Given the treatment of Ann Coulter at St. Thomas and St. Olaf, perhaps it was for their own good.