Thursday, May 05, 2005

Minimum thinking 

Even when they cave in to pandering, the Republicans in Minnesota will get no credit for raising the minimum-wage.
It's been eight years since the minimum wage was last increased, largely because of opposition by Republican legislators and business lobbies. DFL leaders, who were the main movers behind the increase, toasted it as a significant bipartisan accomplishment in a session that some fear may be headed for deadlock on its main business, adopting a two-year budget.
Even when you do something wrong to get good publicity, you can trust that the local papers are not going to throw you under the bus. So, Governor Pawlenty, still want to kiss up to these people?

My earlier thoughts on the bill are here. Notice that they've had is down to about 128,000 workers, which I still think is going to be too high an estimate.

UPDATE: Thanks, Nathan, for catching a bad double negative.