Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I love them dogs 

My office manager and I wondered how to spell okidoki. Yes, I spell it that way -- she spells it okeydokey, and couldn't figure out why I use the 'i'. "One word: Okidog!" I replied.

Okidog (link courtesy of the Mighty MS) was a frequent stop for me heading back to Claremont in 1979-84 after hitting a club or show in Hollywood. Okidog=2 hotdogs, grilled pastrami and chili in a flour tortilla. As the link says, the gut bomb to end all gut bombs. But I recall them also having one with a spicy slaw-sorta thing that someone told me was kimchee. I ate one of those once and like kimchee it made my eyes water for 20 minutes. But I love that kind of pain.

Went vegetarian many years ago, so the Okidog is off the diet, but still #1 in my hot dog memories.