Saturday, May 21, 2005

Having a good time at GCFB 

I'm blogging to you live from Granite City Food and Brewery in St. Cloud! I'm sitting with Cathy, Kevin Ecker, Mr. and Mrs. Fishsticks. Behind me are the Mrs. and Littlest and the Night Writer family and Psycmeister. At the next table are Mitch of Shot in the Dark, Shawn of The American Mind, and Gary of Let Freedom Ring. Phil of Market Power, Brian of Heavy-Handed Politics is here, along with Jo of the M.A.W.B. Squad, Marcus Aurelius of The Attic, Wog, and Speed Gibson and our good reader friend Roger. Wish we could see you here too!

UPDATE: (11:20pm) Links put in. Add Marty Andrade and Flash to the list attending, as they came after this post. Seventeen blogs represented and 27 people altogether attended.