Monday, May 02, 2005

Bumming in the sun 

Chad and Saint Paul note the f-bomb-laden rant by Lee Elia, who managed the Chicago Cubs in 1983. Good on St. Paul for noting that the original "Bleacher Bums" were created at Wrigley in the 1960s. Such thinking should help wrest back the trivia title from Mitch.

They have a link to the audio, which you should listen to with your office door shut or the kids in bed. We all listened to this after the show Saturday and it reminds me of the Jerry Burns scream defending Bob Schnelker which appears on another radio station's morning show from time to time.

Noted in passing: Today, Senate Minority Majority Leader Dean Johnson was at another table at the St. Cloud Panera where I dine some mornings. Good thing Mitch wasn't along.

UPDATE: Tim Slade notes my wishful demotion of Senator Johnson. A guy can dream, can't he?