Saturday, May 21, 2005

Additional Live Blogging 

King wanted to update you on the progress of our MOB gathering here in St. Cloud. Unfortunately, he's too busy trying to convince the waitress that he has unlimited credit with the IMF and his signature on a matchbook, when submitted with the proper forms, is sufficient payment for the seven beers and multiple shots of whiskey he's consumed in the last hour.

Oh Jeez...King is wrestling with the waitress. She's got him in a half-nelson. Thank goodness - Mrs. Scholar has stepped in...ooh! In a brilliant tag-team move, Littlest Scholar has clocked the waitress on the head with a pint of pale ale while her mother distracted the waitress with a gin and tonic to the face.

You people should make a better effort to come to these events.

Mitch needs the computer; I am being kicked off so he can surf for pictures of Barbara Eden. Some issues there, I'm sure.

Thanks, King, for organizing this wing-ding.

UPDATE (10:30p): King says, All's back to normal. Thanks to Cathy for recording our events!