Thursday, April 28, 2005

Yeah, I saw that too! 

I saw the ad in this morning's paper, and then sawPsycmeistr's post on an ad that is being published in the St. Cloud Times after an incident here a few weeks ago in which a man was rendered unconscious and eventually died after tangling with a bouncer at a local nightclub. The ad seeks potential plaintiffs from other people who may have been injured at "a local bar". Psycmeister writes that
I have called this law firm (got the answering service after hours) to voice my utter shock and disbelief, and I plan on calling them again tomorrow. After seeing this ad, I will never again listen to trial lawyers complain that they have an "undeserved" reputation that places them just below pond scum (with apologies to any pond scum I may have offended in this writing).
I think that's painting with far too broad a brush, but I do think this particular -- and local! -- law firm deserves a little heat from others. In particular if you were a personal injury lawyer, I think you'd want to call them and suggest they pull that ad as it's in extraordinarily poor taste.

UPDATE: While getting a haircut later in the day, I heard that someone is driving around with a car spray painted "Justice for Justin", Justin being the deceased victim. The back window of the car, according to this same person, says "Red Carpet Kills."