Friday, April 08, 2005

We have met the enemy 

So a guy calls a talk radio show to defend Ward Churchill. He says that the investigation of Churchill is ""un-American". And he says that while he would prefer peaceful change, violence "one option that is completely available to us and I have honestly not taken off the table." Not a terribly pleasant fellow, I guess, but that's his right in America to express those views.

Just one problem: He used a city-owned cellphone, as he works for the city of Longmont, Colorado. The city is investigating him now, and the fellow has retained Churchill's lawyer.

They seem to be arguing about who called who -- the city worker is a longtime supporter of Churchill's and the article has a picture of the two together in February -- but it's not clear that this is the problem. I have a personal cellphone that I use for anything that is not university-connected. I think it's a bit silly to have an investigation of this guy, but he clearly violated the rules.

(H/T: jw)