Tuesday, April 05, 2005

They're at it again 

Another attempt at banning an affirmative action bake sale, this time at Northeastern Illinois University.
Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) has warned the members of the College Republicans that both the students and the group will be punished if they hold a campus protest against affirmative action. The NEIU College Republicans canceled its planned �affirmative action bake sale� protest after NEIU�s dean of students warned them in an e-mail that to hold such a sale would violate NEIU�s �nondiscrimination� policy and expose the students to punishment. NEIU, which allowed a feminist group to hold a similar �pay equity bake sale� protest on campus, is the latest in a string of schools nationwide that have attempted to shut down these protests against affirmative action.

FIRE has the rest of the story. This is interesting: In a letter on FIRE's site from the university's legal counsel is a proposal that sounds like NEIU is trying to force the CRs to have a balanced panel to discuss affirmative action. Isn't this force of balance exactly what opponents of the Academic Bill of Rights are complaining about? Was this balance idea brought to the feminist group?