Monday, April 04, 2005

That's close to 10% right 

Remember when I discussed how we were spending the budget surplus positive budget balance, and I thought we should give money back to students? Well, the university took up the suggestion and found a way to do it.
Members of administration recently proposed to give more than $1.2 million back to the students through a reduction of the technology fee.

They suggested that the technology fee be reduced from $4 to $1 per credit for each student next fall and spring.

[Vice President of Administrative Affairs Diana] Burlison said they had talked with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) about sending a check back to students from the surplus, but MnSCU advised against it. Sending individual checks to each student would be a long and difficult process, Burlison said. So far, MnSCU has approved of their plan to reduce the technology fee.
It's unfortunate that the university couldn't refund the money to former students. It's worth noting that tuition has gone up 15% per credit, which would come out to about $35. So the students' refund is about 10% of what they paid in.

As my dad would say, better than a kick in the pants. But not by much.