Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Support Lebanon 

I was on the phone this morning with a woman of Armenian-Indian heritage asking about the environment of her mother's life in Egypt. I told her that while my grandmother was there (1919-23) it was fine, but she actually like living in Beirut better. That reminded me of an email I got yesterday from Jim Hake at Spirit of America.
We are supporting the pro-democracy demonstrators at the "tent city" in Martyrs' Square. The tent city demonstrators are the center of gravity for Lebanon's pro-democracy movement. They put together the massive demonstrations with 1.2 million people a few weeks ago. They represent all religions. This is "people power" at its best - peaceful, purposeful and focused on the right goals and ideals.

As go the demonstrators, so goes Lebanon's independence. And so goes a great opportunity for democratic transformation of the Middle East. They need our help to sustain their struggle.

We are raising support for them (food, shelter, water, etc.) and providing them tools to increase popular support for free elections. We're also looking into other things to help, like Internet access at tent city so they can communicate easily to the outside
world. 100% of all donations go directly to the things that will help the people win independence for Lebanon.

Syria is publicly acting like it is playing nice and withdrawing. Behind the scenes they are destabilizing the country, delaying the elections and intimidating the opposition. They think they can wait things out until America forgets Lebanon. The good guys in Lebanon need our support. So do the good gals.

On behalf of Rose Banaian, my grandmother who called Beirut the greatest city she ever lived in, I am sending a donation to Spirit of America today. Please join me.