Friday, April 08, 2005

Some people just don't get it. 

There is a most hysterical set of emails coming on our campus announcement list today. Some woman has decided, because it's National Poetry Month, that she would "announce" a poem each day, the poems to be requested by other members of the campus. This is an improper use of the announcement list (you'll recall we have a discussion list too) and some faculty take it upon themselves to be the 'use police'. One of my regular readers did so today, and has gotten great umbrage from those who think he simply dislikes poetry. The line of the day goes to someone who posted this in response.
Just calm down, it�s Friday and the weather is beautiful. You need to relax, do something, take a deep breath, sit down, & fart if you have to.

And he posts it ... on the announce list.

I'm quite relaxed just now, but my colleagues are feeling olfactory stress...