Friday, April 08, 2005

Self-serving faculty advisors 

In a bizarre turn of the series of stories we've seen on "affirmative action bake sales", David Beito reports that this one takes the cake. A faculty advisor decides to go Quisling against his advisees, the Grand Valley State University College Republicans. The students who tried to organize the bake sale were dismissed from their posts in the CRs, and have been sent to Turkey to join Trotsky. The putschists say "There was outside advice, but the group made the decision on its own," and that the group wants to "apologize for offending and move on."

The group's faculty advisor, Professor Paul Leidig, happens to also be the chair of the county Republican Party. And the deposed student leader of the CRs, Kyle Raucsh, clearly fingers him as the guilty party.
Leidig said he advised the students to consider a leadership change to acknowledge they respect the fact people were offended by the bake sale.

"They do not feel they violated any section of the student code," Leidig said.

Rausch said he was planning to make a case at Friday's review for why the group had the right to hold the bake sale.

"The university recognized the fact that as long as I was in the driver's seat, I was not going to back down," Rausch said.

"They used the Republican Party to force me out and got the group to apologize for something they never should have apologized for.
David Beito has written a letter to Prof. Leidig and says you should too. You might also want to write to the local Republicans, because this guy was a delegate to the 2004 Republican Convention.

UPDATE: FIRE has sent a letter to GVSU president Mark Murray. You can too. See also Peter Gordon, Charles Nuckolls, and more from David.