Thursday, April 07, 2005

A proud graduate 

SCSU alumnus Jim Reed has says that student government is a 'nuisance'.
I'm glad to see that Kimball and others in the SCSU student government are learning the tactics of politics. Not only do they push through and approve meaningless referendums (MSUSA Dropped, 12/3/03,) the president of our fine student government, who originally opposed the idea, gets elected to the same organization from which he supported withdrawing.

Another notable effort the student government has supported include removing a monument on our campus because it doesn't appeal to the letter of the social law we learn in the mandated HURL classes. Then there are the Christmas decorations that are offensive. Also, the student organization's budget fiasco (Finance Committee Resigns, 2/28/05) certainly seems to have student government's dirty fingerprints on it.

Kimball and the rest of the SCSU Student Government are both a nuisance and a joke to the university.
Thankfully the end of the year comes soon, along with a new student government. Perhaps it's the short time horizons, and the fact that most of the damage done is visited on the campus after they leave, that causes most student governments to act so adolescently.