Friday, April 29, 2005

In case I can't get back to this today 

I've been trying for six months to run some statistical estimation using a technique I'm damned unfamiliar with ("stochastic frontier regression", if you must know). If the potential answers weren't so interesting, I'd've quit before New Year's. About two weeks ago the 2% inspiration combined with the 98% perspiration and we're rapidly moving to the endpoint. Not to break the momentum, I'm focused on that and not the blog today.

It's the story of my life. A non-MOB economist based in Minneapolis writes how economics is helping his dating life. Be sure to get down to the comments, where Michael Munger's lovechild JMPP explains to Captain Capitalist how the Ball in Court Theory leaves you sleeping with, well, a tennis ball.

If I can get back, I'm dealing with this next. And then I'll explain how to drive women wild by saying the words "stochastic frontier regression" just so.