Friday, April 22, 2005

I see purple 

John Palmer tells us another story in the continuing saga of purple pens.

I began using purple pens to grade exams and term papers many years ago. The reason was simple: students often used red, blue, black, and even green ink to write their answers and especially to draw graphs (with copious multi-colour line shifts). I wanted a colour that was different from theirs, ...

How long will my purple pens be distinctive if more teachers are using purple in grade school and high school?

A sure sign that purple is becoming more popular: Cross markets a purple refill (for their Ion pen), and other refills are also available in purple as well.

His students are more colorful than mine, who seem to think I can follow IS-LM-FE shifts without anything more than a prime here or there. (Can you tell I'm grading exams today?)

UPDATE: Race to the Right offers a longer essay from a student's view.