Monday, April 18, 2005

Free speech forum doesn't illuminate 

The university had a First Amendment forum addressing campus free speech and hate speech on Friday. I was away obviously, but I got my own Kubby to look in, since we were forewarned that the campus nutballs still upset at the local newspaper for having the audacity to allow anonymous postings where someone was confused enough to think a male Homecoming Queen could have some gender identification issues. This did not happen, and our intrepid reporter thought it was because the nutballs were over the moon for Robyne Robinson instead, who was on another panel that afternoon. OK, that I get.

The Times pretty much ignores the story, but the campus newspaper reports that we had visits from the usual suspects, including our friends from Homecoming:

Fue Khang, student government cultural diversity chairman, spoke about his recent experiences with hate speech after being elected homecoming queen.

"People didn't know the facts," Khang said. "They just assumed-- nobody asked."

Bianca Rhodes, vice president of student government was asked to be on the panel by Khang. She said people should understand and be educated about other cultures.

"Fue never stated that he was gay. He was dressed in drag; it's a different culture," Rhodes said.

If you can tell me what that means, please use the comment box.

Judging from the coverage in the campus paper, there were more people against free speech on the panel than for it.