Thursday, April 07, 2005

Feeling a pull 

Scholar Jack drops a note to us this morning:
I just heard that Jane Fonda, radical and sexpot who made me think many embarrassing thoughts as I watched Barberella again and again, has become a born-again Christian. Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
Well, she's not exactly born again, but I guess Ted Turner does have his uses.
Surrounded by people she respected and cared for who also were practicing Christians, she began to explore her spirituality. She had had periods of feeling guided, of things in her life happening for a reason. And once she began exploring how Christianity helped to explain such things, she felt religion's pull. She was born again. (Though over time, as she understood fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible, she felt it was not quite right for her, as a feminist. She now prefers to call herself simply a Christian.)
I doubt the topic comes up when she visits Eve Ensler.

UPDATE: Maybe there's hope for Katrina vanden Heuvel as well? Prof. Blogger hopes so. Rumor has it some NARNies fish in the MPR pond...

I'm happily married, thankee.