Monday, April 18, 2005

Bad advertising 

A student writing for the University Chroniclereflects on his choice to attend SCSU:
Maybe I had an unrealistic view coming into college, because my experiences here haven't been all that great. I've been involved in many activities, made a lot of buddies, went to parties, etc. I've done all the things that most college students do, except maybe fail a course.

I expected, though, to come to college and have my mind blown away, meet people who would challenge me and change my views drastically. But that never happened, and I'm kind of disappointed.
I don't know the author of this letter, but if he comes from a normal family background, the fact that his views weren't changed drastically will come as a disappointment. But then, why should that be the goal? Challenging students is fine, but drastically changing the student is a goal only for those seeig entering freshmen as reprobates in need of change, beginning with student orientation.
If anything, I became the 'odd ball.' I've lost count of the many times I've been insulted, called 'ignorant, stupid, jackass' and many more that I won't list. Unlike most people, I blame myself for this occurrence.
Which means, frankly, that this place got to him more than he thinks. We can't blame the victim, so rather than a serious inquiry of who is to blame we teach students to reflexively blame themselves.
I refused to change anything about myself to fit in, or make someone else feel 'comfortable' or 'happy.' I suppose I'm not a team player, and maybe college is about team work.
Boy I hope it's not about being a team player. It might be though, because we have an administration that views teamplay as more important than leadership; we have instructors who place feeling above thinking; we have student government that places its own power above concerns for all students. Fitting in is valued above all else, as this fellow learned.
Do I regret coming to SCSU? The answer is no. ...But if I knew today what I did three years ago, would I have still come to SCSU? No.
And this is in the student newspaper. Will anyone from the university respond? If so, on what basis?