Monday, March 07, 2005

Worst. University. President. Ever. 

No, not our guy.

That girl.

University of Colorado President Elizabeth Hoffman announced Monday that she is
resigning amid a football recruiting scandal and a national controversy over an activist professor who compared victims of the Sept. 11 attacks to a notorious Nazi.

Hoffman, who has been president for five years, told the Board of Regents in a letter that her resignation is effective June 30 or whenever the board names a successor.

Here's her resignation letter. It's worth remembering that not only has she been an impediment to the process of dealing with Ward Churchill's unusual grant of tenure and his questionable scholarship -- to the extent of playing the New McCarthyism Card (tm) -- but also she's not been forceful in dealing with the sex scandal that has gone on in CU's football program, and in which new details emerged last week. She calls herself a tiger, but she pulled out her own teeth a few days later.

Too bad she didn't let herself be fired. That's a proven career path for presidents at my school.