Thursday, March 31, 2005

What about a teach-out? 

Phil Miller wonders where does this idea of a teach-in come from?
Did this come from the same sort of source that the term "sanitation engineer" come from - i.e. some person trying to disguise the true value of stuff. How much teaching actually goes on at these things?

Some faculty and students at Minnesota State had a teach in regarding the "Social Security Myth." Here is the opening paragraph from the local paper's story (subscription required):

It was admittedly one-sided. But for the people who put on Monday's Social Security teach-in at Minnesota State University, it was seen as a chance to have their say in a debate they think already has been a one-sided affair.

Translation: we didn't invite an opposite viewpoint because we didn't want to.

Here's what he was complaining about.
Two MSU departments and a student group will sponsor a teach-in, "Debunking the Social Security Crisis Myth," at the University all day Monday, March 28.

...It is sponsored by MSU's Sociology and Corrections Department, Gerontology Department, and Students for Social Action (The Sociology Club).MSU professors will discuss proposed Social Security privatization and non-privatization ideas and how the myth of a Social Security "crisis" came about.
Students for Social Action. There is a perfectly elastic supply of Sixties poseurs.