Friday, March 25, 2005

Throw me a bone 

Inside Higher Ed reports that the living wage strike at Georgetown has won the day and that workers there will receive higher wages as a result. The wage increases are a compromise from early demands by the student hunger protestors, who now will get to enjoy an Easter meal. But IHE points out:

In several major ways, the policy was identical to the one the students had rejected eight days earlier.

For instance, the new policy will increase the total compensation package (which includes health care costs) for all workers to $13 an hour by this July and $14 an hour by July 2007 from the current $11.33, and adjust the pay annually based on the local cost of living. In rejecting that proposal last week, a coalition statement said that �$14 an hour is not a living wage now and it will not be a living wage in 2008.� Students had wanted Georgetown to raise the minimum wage of all workers, including those who work for its contractors, to $14.93 an hour by this July.

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