Thursday, March 03, 2005

Speaking of page ones... 

What gets covered on Page One of the larger papers? The rejection of the smoking ban (though see Craig's analysis that there's less here than it appears to be.)

The introduction of the Academic Bill of Rights in Minnesota gets shoved inside both papers. The PPress can't even bother to use its own writer, relying on an AP wire story. From the STrib

Horowitz spoke at the news conference, saying it was unprofessional for professors to impose their political ideologies on their students.

"You don't go into a doctor's office and expect to get a political lecture or see on his
office door cartoons bashing John Kerry or bashing George Bush," he said.

You mean like this one? Or this one? Yet the refrain from the AAUP is that there's no problem. Hmmm.

Mitch has some more thoughts.