Thursday, March 17, 2005

See what you've started? 

An intrepid senator ventured into the university faculty senate's meeting on Tuesday and reported back to me this information in real time regarding the appearance of an item on Ward Churchill.

Fun stuff now, Ward Churchill. OK, not really about Churchill. It�s something about an Academic Bill of Rights. A sample resolution in support for Churchill. (The sample from LSU.)

OK, the thin guy with beard ... thinks something has been left out, basically, the procedure when something involves academic freedom, who is the judge?
It took me a little time to find the LSU resolution. Evergreen State (the earthly home of no-longer-earthly Rachel Corrie) has also adopted a resolution that wraps together Churchill and ABoR. (Worth noting: that link is to a Marxist website.) And now the chickens come home to roost here at SCSU.

This is what happens with this witchhunt for Churchill: Not only are you creating a martyr, not only are you about to see CU's trustees give someone millions for being a Marxist a$$hole, but you are also giving rise to resolutions that can wear a patina of legitimacy. The "thin guy with a beard" (I know who that is, but I'm not going to blog his name) is echoing the point I've made before, that it is up to us to clean up the Churchills of academia by proving them to be frauds or buffoons. Cockroaches hate sunlight.

We are the judges. We run the spotlights; we know that the way to stop Churchill is to continue to hammer away at his fraud and foolishness.