Thursday, March 24, 2005


Whereas no candidate earned even 30% of the vote;

Whereas many voted for candidates that didn't even earn 5%, and thus could never gain admission to the Hall of Fame;

Whereas I at least outdistanced Da Kommisar;

And whereas I have been endorsed by the two members of RMA;

THEREFORE, I demand that a runoff beheld between my candidacy for CU president and that of Eric Cartman.

This isn't over.

UPDATE: From Hugh: "I reject the vote counting. Many people voted whose votes were not counted. Many dead people were not allowed to vote. The machines in Ohio were delivered late. I'm still in."

UPDATE 2: Dammit!
By a vote of 6 for Hugh Hewitt, to 2 for King "Call Me Provost" Banaian, the RMA has chosen its favorite candidate to be the next President of the University of Colorado.