Thursday, March 10, 2005

A P.C. Catch-22 

Captain Ed:
Only in a world where sticks and stones break no bones but words hurt like hell can a story this stupid arise. IKEA, the Swedish furniture behemoth, has been targeted for allegations of gender bias because the manuals for their furniture show no women assembling them. IKEA defends itself by claiming it wants to protect Muslim sensibilities by avoiding showing women at work.
I have to say this made me laugh. You can easily see how, had women been shown assembling furniture CAIR or some other group would claim IKEA was culturally insensitive. Maybe women in burqas with hammers?

Of course what will have to happen now is separate assembly instructions for furniture pieces going to the Islamic countries, which drives up cost. And there will be suspicion that the Muslim IKEA furniture is somehow wrong, or part of a Zionist plot, or ...

I shouldn't laugh.