Monday, March 14, 2005

Our two friends are at it again 

Remember these two? The ones who send letters to high schools with large minority student populations telling them not to send their graduates to SCSU? They've published another letter to the St. Cloud Times which they believe documents race problems in St. Cloud. They go for a shotgun approach, accusing the local NAACP chapter of not helping blacks enough in the community, the local police of racial profiling, our university faculty as being too timid (this caused inadvertant coffee spillage at the Scholar household), and of local blacks needing to rise up. They conclude:

We suggest that committed anti-racists should consider several reports about racial conditions in St. Cloud as a storm warning and invent ways to cost the community for its racism.

It requires no system approval, no critical mass, no more facts, no tenure/promotion and no attitude changes.

Area black males should consider traveling in groups, using cameras and wireless microphones for collecting evidence, hiring Twin Cities lawyers with reputations for beating cops and with pro bono or contingency fee arrangements.

At least this time they didn't send sneaky letters about White Cloud to people in faraway places. They at least had the courage to make their views known.

But their views are little more than race-baiting. They call for the provocation of racial tension and creating incidents to cast more light on race relations here. The issue of the race in the St. Cloud community contains several threads, including an influx of Somali families; their children face problems at an area high school. How the recommendations of these two Eldridge Cleaver wannabes would assist the Somali population is beyond me. What would it do for African-American families coming to Minnesota from Gary, Indiana, or other places in the midwest, often encouraged by local religious groups seeking a rather peculiar notion of social justice? Again, I do not know.

First they don't want blacks getting an education in St. Cloud. Now they want to get the ones already here in trouble with the law.

With friends like these...