Thursday, March 10, 2005

Oooh, that left a mark 

A new site set up to help pick a new president for the Univ. of Colorado discusses my candidacy:
Banaian's willingness to say and do anything is both encouraging and a little, well, Clintonian. Still, he's demonstrating a willingness to learn, rather than assume, as Hugh tends to do.
Nobody does obsequious better than me. Nobody.

The endorsements are rolling in from John Palmer, Psycmeister, and 63 voters at this moment.

Of course, Hugh's hanging out with the RMA next week, so he'll certainly offer many bribes then.* We may have to check on FEC rules about this given his candidacy and their position as a screening committee. Barring that, I'll have to spend that raise we got in the last contract negotiation. Oh, that's right, there wasn't one.

Still, if all it takes is for me to get collegiate baseball back in Colorado, well, I'm your guy. I never played the game beyond the sandlot at Highland School in Manchester NH, but I've sat through many games of D3 baseball in Claremont and a few D2 in St. Cloud, as well as the summer St. Cloud River Bats. (A former River Bat is Joe Gaetti, now in the Rox' farm system.) If it just takes ending Title IX to get CU's baseball program running again, I'll muscle aside the steroid hearings in Congress and get a repeal bill on the floor.

Gotta tell Mrs. S to pack her bags. We're on our way.

*And pay no attention to the Girl in Right.