Thursday, March 10, 2005

Not quite a media alert 

Local readers -- yeah, the three of you over there -- may be interested in our second year of the Passion Play: Jesus the Last Mile at The Lighthouse. It is very, very hard to get people to come for a new show or something they don't quite know. But it's a great script and original score, and we need people to see it and tell their friends. The guy that acts as Jesus is very special.

The play is done with modern music, an excellent set, and an enthusiastic, talented cast. Even if it does include me. It's particularly humorous because I have to change characters more than once, and go from pretty loveable to pretty hateable. Just like my career at SCSU.

Evening shows Friday and Saturday this week, and T-F next week. We have two Sunday matinees the next two weeks. It's a dinner theater, or just come for the show. Tickets here.