Tuesday, March 22, 2005

None dare call it "break" 

I was commiserating today with a colleague with whom I had written a report during our semester 'break' period. I put 'break' in quotes because on my writing calendar that week is usually jammed, particularly spring break when it precedes a load of conferences. This week, while I am teaching, has actually been a more relaxed week because I don't have a conference for another ten days (which is a lifetime right now.)

According to Professor Blogger, I'm a missionary.
The missionaries are people who discovered somewhere along the way that they are completely incapable of living without learning more about their topic (what Quid Nomen Illius? calls "the seagulls of medievalism"). The missionaries have learned things that are important about the way that we live, and help us understand the world around us, so we research to satisfy our own curiousity, teach to share these delights with others, and serve to facilitate the research and teaching.
Like Prof. B, I've been a little light in the blogging department, and I expect to continue that way through mid-April as I work out three more papers and we complete three faculty searches. Your indulgences are greatly appreciated.