Tuesday, March 01, 2005

How could they tell the thesis was done? 

Just got back and have to be out again in an hour. I am going to try to get to St. John's tonight to see David Horowitz as I mentioned earlier. 8pm, Steven B. Humphrey auditorium. I heard Michele Bachmann on Hot Talk with the Ox this morning advertising the piece, and she asks Dan Ochsner if he's ever had me on his show?

I still do not get over hearing my name on a radio.

Well, if Ox had today, along with the other pieces of evidence of why the left is begging the right to pass the Academic Bill of Rights I could add this one from today, an invitation to a job talk.
Dr. So-and-so, candidate for the position in such-and-such, will be on campus for an interview. ... Prof So-and-so did his dissertation on Social Responsibility Activism, focusing on global social change.
I haven't read the guy's c.v., but I'm going to guess he didn't vote for Bush.

Has there ever been Social Responsibility Passivism, by the way?

Also, I notice that St. John's is not advertising Horowitz' visit.