Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Gotta run 

I'm between meetings and unable to blog much today. Interested readers should visit this exchange between Michael Munger, Chris Lawrence and Dan Drezner about a session that discussed blogging at the Public Choice Society meetings. (It was a tossup for me between that and the Midwest last weekend.) My two cents: blogging has probably hurt some of my relationships with people on campus and helped other relationships. I've been offered a good job elsewhere since blogging -- and the potential employer knew of the blog.

Should junior faculty blog? I agree with the idea that junior faculty should blog about their research, which Drezner calls "an unalloyed good". But I can't imagine that adjuncts blogging about the stress of finding a t-track job is helpful to them, and probationary faculty are probably wise to keep their heads down. Since I'm tenured and in that quasipseudosorta role of half prof-half chair, I get some unique perspectives that I think are helpful. But to be tenured and decide to blog just to piss and moan about academia ... dude, that's boring.

OK, have a presentation to get ready for and I substitute for Mrs. S's solo in JTLM tonight, literally running from one gig to the other. Back tomorrow.