Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The good, the bad and the ugly 

Thanks for sticking around. I got home yesterday at 11:05pm, which has been pretty common over the last two weeks, and I barely got the clothes off before laying down and doing nothing more until 6:30am. Then four student appointments and a dean's council meeting this morning. That would be the bad.

The good was Winter Institute, which was great. Speakers were wonderful and my talk went well. Great to see some alumni of our program and to meet again with the other speakers on the panel. I learned a lot and much of it is still percolating for new thoughts and new writings. Some you'll see here over the next month or so.

The ugly was my standing in for Mrs. Scholar's solo in JTLM. Missed the queue, got lost and never found my way back until the chorus. I have now defined the lower bound for performance on a stage. At least until Nick Coleman takes up acting...

Back to just my own roles for the play the rest of the week, and a slight slowdown in my speaking schedule until the end of the month.