Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Why Dad never took me to the bleachers in Fenway 

Because he didn't want me to hear the cheering. What he didn't try to do was to stop people from cheering.
uring the Michigan hockey team�s last two games this weekend, the University has started to enforce a ban on profanity at Yost Ice Arena. The athletic department recently changed its policy regarding profanity and, in particular, the profanity-laced C-YA cheer. Students who use profanity will now be ejected from Yost.

Executive Associate Athletic Director Michael Stevenson sent an e-mail to student season-ticket holders on Wednesday explain the policy change. The change was made after a home weekend against Alaska-Fairbanks in which Stevenson said he saw no improvement in fans� behavior since talking with student season-ticket holders on Jan. 11 during an MSA-run meeting.
The C-YA chant -- basically a string of profanities ended with a SEE YA!, shouted at an opposing player heading to the penalty box -- seems to have grown to add a three-syllable word (the last two appear to refer to a lollipop) that is particularly egregious. According to one security worker, that's the magic word that gets you bounced. (Those of you old enough to remember Ball Four know about "magic words".) Apparently there are magic hand motions at Yost as well.

Somehow I think shouting "bedwetter" at the end of C-YA won't quite capture the feeling.

(H/T: N.E. Hampton)