Friday, February 04, 2005

That girl is now the first female PM in the CIS 

I'll be damned. Ukraine's parliament approved Yulia Tymoshenko as prime minister and the government's plan of action. She received 373 votes out of 450, which is the record for appointment of a prime minister. Things are moving fast there right now. Yulia knows it and is properly humbled by the weight of what she has to do now.
We have awakened the faith and hope of the people that the government can work not only for itself, that it can work not only to solve its own problems, but that it can work for those people who have only observed the government for 12 years and now want results from it.

...I want to assure you that I will under no circumstances disappoint the people of Ukraine, the president of Ukraine, or any one of you [members of parliament]. I want you to know that I view the trust you have given me today as the highest value in my life, and I will not damage it by any step I take.

And what she does may have impact on the rest of the former Soviet states that still are struggling towards freedom.

Not just any woman who can pull off that lace look. But it will take more than that.