Thursday, February 10, 2005

Show post-mortem 

Random Penseur asked how the Hewitt show went. Doug thinks when we had David Strom on that we should have pimped Mitch's or my posts on the state trooper outrage, or at least the Taxpayers' League. The problem is that there were so many posts about it that singling out our own would have seemed a little too self-serving, and David's page didn't mention the event, and his blog not until after the show. In retrospect, maybe we should have driven them back to Doug's link-lovefest of all things Trooper.

And as I mentioned to RP, I find it harder to get in a word with the quick pace of Hugh's show and guests unless I drop the first dime. I try to be polite with someone like Claudia Rosett but I really wanted to get another point in on North Korea -- she cites 2 million dead from starvation under lil' Kim, whereas Papa Kim bumped off 1.6 million of his own according to some research -- but the clock ran out. Almost had the same think happen with Podhoretz. I guess that would be something I have to learn if I ever did a national show that had the kind of guests Hugh has.

And if you believe that will ever happen, I have some Viking Super Bowl jerseys to sell you.