Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Roll your own MOB 

Reading Doug last night reminded me about something: The MOBroll.

There are several examples around, like this and this, and people ask if we should have it centralized and with someone holding the keys. The problem is that MOB is decentralized. Confining it to the gang that has infested Keegan's on a Thursday night would make the TCOB (Twin Cities Organization of Bloggers), when there are some damned fine blogs running out here in the sticks, like Jay Reding or Market Power or our dear Cathy. There may be some good ones in Moorhead, or Duluth, or even Warroad; who knows? Doug reminds me as well of Kevin Ecker, a longtimer and an SCSU grad, who's blog I still have listed as not in MOB. Right? Not right? Who's to say?

I'll tinker with the list again, but I'm not going to keep anything official, and I suggest nobody else does, either. Because there isn't. Heck, even someone not living in Minnesota can be a MOBette.

UPDATE (11pm): Commenting on an offer of an official MOBroll at Echo Zoe, The Elder states the facts: MOB is a brainchild of fellow Frater Saint Paul.
[I]n conjuction with the Northern Alliance, we have become the keepers of the roll. All additions to the roll should be passed through us. There are a few blogs listed which have not been previously approved and will have to reapply for membership.
If anyone is going to run an official list, it should be the Fraters. I shall seek dispensation from the Edler for Market Power and Ecker.