Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Put your money where your mouth is 

Today's Wall Street Journal runs an editorial on law schools' flaunting of the Solomon Amendment, which requires higher education institutions taking federal dollars to provide access to military recruiters. The schools are making a political statement about the military's policies on openly gay enlistees.
...the same liberals who object that the military includes too many lower-class kids won't let military recruiters near the schools that contain students who will soon join the upper-class elite.
Conservative schools that wish to avoid the government's strictures of affirmative action and other intrusions, such as Hillsdale College, have simply refused to accept federal dollars. Law schools, with generous benefactors and well-heeled alumni, should explore that option too.

UPDATE (2/4): The appelate court that ruled for the law schools and against Solomon Amendment has delayed enforcement of its decision pending Supreme Court review. (Source: Chron Higher Ed, subscribers only.)