Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Outsourcing skilled labor, part I 

Alas, Minnesota is outsourcing most of its models.

Stacy Klimek stars in a prime-time network series and stands a good chance of securing a seven-page layout in the red-hot Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.
For a model, that's like winning the Super Bowl or receiving an Oscar.

So why was the South St. Paul teenager folding infant jumpers at the Mall of America on Monday, just two days before NBC airs the semifinals of "Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search?"

While Klimek may be one of just three remaining competitors vying for a magazine spread and a million-dollar contract, she's still a 19-year-old struggling model in the Twin Cities.

It's a location where high fashion is defined by designer snowmobile suits.

"Everyone notices me in Minnesota because there's, like, no famous people," said Klimek ...

Al Franken, call your office!

A shame too, nice girl like that. But Klimek has decided to move to Los Angeles, since she also is interested in acting.

(H/T: reader Steve Frank)