Friday, February 18, 2005

Oh joy 

Across the email announcement list on campus yesterday:
I am writing to inform you of an incredible opportunity! GLBT Services will bring Scott Turner, a well-known east coast based transgender (female-to-male) entertainer/educator, to St Cloud State University ...

He will be performing two of his original and nationally acclaimed transgender-education productions, �Underground TRANSit� on Friday evening and �Debutante Balls� on Saturday afternoon. I will have more materials about these productions to you shortly.
Incredible opportunity. I can scarcely contain my excitment.

Well, look what Underground TRANSit is.
In Underground TRANSit, Emory grad Kt Kilborn relates her life experience as a boy-identified homecoming queen candidate and tackles the issue of gender conformity.
I added emphasis, but I think you get it. Here's more from the play's own website.
� Underground TRANSit� is a one-act work of spoken word theater that combines
rhythmic storytelling, rock �n roll, and a touch of drag in the journey of one person to a gender identity. Created as a work of feminist activism as well as of art, sincerity and connection with the audience is key, while anecdotes from a homecoming queen turned gender renegade test the boundaries of �normative� gender and sexuality values with humor and criticism, and accessible gender theory. It�s not didactic, it�s not confessional: rather, it�s honest and playful, daring and touching.
At least it isn't didactic. Didactic is such a bummer, y'know.

Debutante Balls sounds like a blast too.