Monday, February 21, 2005

MOB, Outland Edition 

Somehow the Fraters forgot to ask me if I would host the "satellite party" by which one confirms membership in MOB.

If you submit an application for membership to one of the Northern Alliance blogs via e-mail and are accepted into the MOB, you MUST attend a future MOB event to maintain your status. In other words, being accepted into the MOB is contingent on attendance at an upcoming MOB event.

There is going to a huge MOB blowout this summer. Before then we'll also have a smaller event as well. Details will be forthcoming. If you've just joined the MOB, plan on hitting at least one of these affairs.

We realize that these MOB events have been rather Twin City-centric, which poses challenges for some of the out-state MOBsters. We're looking into the possibility of having King host a satellite MOB event in St. Cloud to make the logistics a bit easier.

Well, now that you have asked, sure! I don't have to do this in St. Cloud, though it would be nice if for no other reason than I could finally have a beer at one of these things without fear of falling asleep on I-94 around Hasty. There are two brew pubs here that would make a nice spot (I would prefer the second only because I know the owner and can get a private room). But what about doing a satellite in Duluth? Mankato? Alex or Moorhead or Marshall or Bemidji or Thief River Falls? Anybody out there?

Drop a line for dates and locations. I'll coordinate with the Cities people to see who we can rope into this to make it a true MOB affair.

And I have a pad to take care of the stamps, Kathy.