Thursday, February 24, 2005

Makes me want to HURL 

Robert KC Johnson reports on a conference being put together by CUNY's faculty union called "Educators to Stop the War".
Virtually all of the panels confirm the perceptive observation of Emory�s Mark Bauerlein that an academy lacking in intellectual diversity contains too many members who seem �to have no idea how extreme [their] vision sounds to many ears.� So the conference features presentations with titles such as �American Fascism?� or �The Politics of Fear & Compulsory Patriotism� or �Globalization, the Permanent War Economy & the War on Terror� or �Countering Campus Right-Wing Attacks: ABOR, the David Project, HR 3077.� I hadn�t realized that being pro-Israel or opposing professors� intimidating their students represented a �campus right-wing attack.�
Sounds like fun. All we get is one lousy lecture on white privilege.