Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hungry suburbanites 

As regular readers of the Scholars know, I'm not too much into the Nick Coleman Fiskathon that consumes much of MOB and the wider blogosphere. His writings of late, particularly when pointed in our direction, remind me most of the Jon Lovitz character Frenchie -- it's contrived annoyance, something nobody will remember six months from now, and with good reason.

But Chad pointed out a sentence in Coleman's latest that is egregiously wrong yet serves to demonstrate the warped view of the Left of the economy in which they laze about. It is for that wider purpose that I point it out. It just happens to be Coleman repeating this in print that makes us attribute it to him.

In a society where good-paying jobs are vanishing and costs for everything are climbing, there's at least one growth area: hungry suburbanites.
On what basis does Coleman make this claim? Let's take a look: It is the height of hilarity, as I drive back and forth to the Cities, through ever-growing Maple Grove, its wannabe cousin Rogers, the expansion of St. Michael and Albertville, and the crawl down I-94 of my own St. Cloud, to think that somehow there are starving suburbanites with worse and worse jobs. The expansion of the I-94 corridor between our city and The Cities is tribute to the fact that things are not getting worse but better for suburban Minnesotans.